Why Game Accessibility Matters – Coverage by Polygon via reddit.com

Disability / Friday, January 23rd, 2015

I am almost always on the computer at home as it is an effective distraction from my chronic pain. Many years were spent productively on my 3D Art and many spent not so productively on PC Gaming. I wrote a page about my Gaming here and it’s worth a look if you are a disabled gamer looking for tips. (If your disability involves arms/hands that is)


One-armed Gaming can involve a lot of tweaking and frustration with game keyboard and Mouse settings and it is really really annoying when you purchase a game and end up not being able to play it because the cheap-ass Publisher did not spend any Development resources on decent Controller customisation preferences.


The Gaming website Polygon has an excellent article on Game Accessibility by Richard Moss that I really recommend you read. Richard introduces us to several amazing Gamers with Disabilities and also why Publishers need to take notice of the small segment of the Gaming community with Disabilities.

The AbleGamers Foundation is also featured. This group has published a 50 page “Game Accessibility Guidelines” document that should be compulsory reading for Game Developers and anyone within the multi-Billion dollar Industry.
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