Sim Racing Desk with Hand Controls

Sim Racing Desk with Hand Controls – YouTube


This awesome Sim Racing desk was skillfully made by a Man for his son with Cerebral Palsy, and it allows him to use a Racing Wheel with hand operated throttle, brake and clutch.

It is all made to fit into an elegant desk with hidden drawers and sliders and offers the man such an amazing more convenient gaming experience it blows my mind. The homemade mod is so well engineered it is apparent many man hours and dollars went into it, but also was obviously a labor of love as the results are just drool worthy not just for a disabled gamer.






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  1. Glenn Sidman says:

    Hi Robbie,
    Thanks for the write-up and thanks for sharing this on your blog. Very nicely done!
    I love your site and I’m glad I came across it. A great resource for others with disabilities. Keep up the great work on your site and your art.
    Glenn Sidman

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