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Pain, Reviews / Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

Almost all Amputees will experience Phantom Pain. For me it feels like electrical tingles, heat pain and at it’s worst like being cut with a scalpel over and over. That shit’s not pleasant.

I manage it with amitriptyline, using a TENs machine, meditation and now with a Farabloc. The makers of Farabloc tout it as drug-free relief from phantom & chronic pain.

It is a cloth-like sock that fits over the stump. Woven inside the nylon cloth are tiny steel threads that act to block stimulation of the damaged nerve endings by electrical interference from radio waves and Wi-Fi signals.

Working the same way as an RFID blocker, the theory is Nerves will not misfire as often which should greatly reduce the Phantom Pain.

Impressively, the Farabloc has a lot of peer reviewed Scientific Research behind it and is endorsed by several Amputee & Disability Groups.

I have owned my Farabloc for a couple of months and use it most days and nights. It is a custom made product and you give them your stump measurements during the order process. In my case I think they made a mistake as it is twice the length but this is actually beneficial, as doubling it over provides for more signal blocking. Yay 🙂


Effectiveness is a mixed-bag and I get most benefit from night-time use, where I wake less often and when I do I am less aware of the Phantom Pain.

Use during the day isn’t as successful but I am sure it is helping enough to be worth the purchase price of $90+pp. It costs more depending on the measurements

For leg amputees they are able to have the device laminated into the prosthetic.



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  1. Hello, I only recently came across your youtube,,,,, sorry about that.
    I am a chiropractor in Richmond, BC and participating with Farabloc first in research and last few years as part of company. I have used Farabloc extensively with my patients as well as long term amputees and those within two weeks of initial surgery. I would be interested to email further to understand your experience including periods where relief is greater than other times.

    Regards, Don

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