Using my phone one-handed

Reviews / Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

Something seems a little silly about writing a post about Apps for one-handed smartphone use, but bear with me there is some logic to this.

So for the unaware, I’m one-handed. I like to write about tips that other crips like me might find useful, and you two-armers are welcome to use them also.

This short video is me showing the use of two apps that make using the phone one-handed heaps easier. The apps are Pie Control and

SwipePad – Gesture Launcher. They both offer the same basic functions, launching apps and switching between them. 90% of the time I use these two with hardly ever a need to use my Home screen or Apps drawer. This would end up saving a reasonable amount of time over long-term use.
It seems odd that an app can make a phone physically easier to use, but with my phone I have the case bevel edge close to the home screen button, and this can cause me to hit the edge instead of the button. I would often have to steady the phone on my leg or bag just to launch or switch apps.
These apps have solved that issue and I get to keep my ridiculously rugged case. Win win.


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