One-armed Bags

Disability, Reviews / Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

In this short video I discuss my favorite bag for one-armed use. As an amputee, having a readily accessible bag for daily use is really important to me. The bag that I’ve used for the past 6 years now is the Crumpler “Moderate Embarrassment



This courier or messenger-style is perfect for one-handed use as everything can be accessed on the move, I can even take my laptop out and put it back one-armed whilst walking, which would be very difficult with a backpack style bag, or any other for that matter.

Other things to consider for selecting a bag suitable for an arm amputee would be the fasteners, zips, clasps, belts, buckles and velcro.

Zips can be the mortal enemy of the Arm amputee so I tend to favour all the other types of fasteners. It just depends on the bag however as if you can gain enough leverage to use the zip with no troubles it can be even better than a buckle or clasp that requires more dexterity to use.


With a daily bag like this I needed something that can carry my small laptop and numerous other gadgets so lots of individual pockets helps keep things extremely organised. I never can get my head around ladies that throw all their shit into their ripoff priced flashy bag but then spend endless hours hunting for their bloody car keys over and over again. WTF?


Maybe thats the one of the benefits of being one-armed and not dumb, you tend to organise shit to make life as easy as possible?

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