One handed Nappy Changing

Disability, Parenting / Saturday, March 7th, 2015

Changing nappies for an arm amputee presents a few obvious challenges so we thought it was about time we recorded a video for the YouTube channel showing the technique I use to change our baby Olly’s nappy.

Now I am pretty lucky that like a lot of couples, in our happy little family my Wife Sharina does the nappy changing and I act as assistant. So I feel rather unqualified in this task but this video doesn’t really reflect that and makes it look almost easy.


Some Tips

Do it in stages:

  • Position the new nappy so the back of the nappy height is almost at the belly button level.
  • Remove the old nappy and clean the bits & bobs as required.
  • Fasten one side of the new nappy, but just quickly as you’ll be coming back to this tab soon.
  • Fastening  the othter side will depend on what baby is doing so if the legs are getting in the way you may need to steady them with your elbow, or tilt baby on his side, to get at the tab for this side. You just want to get it done quickly, as like the last step you’ll return to this tab to properly finish it.
  • Return to the first tab to finish it, then to the last tab. Check the tightness of all areas to make sure you’re finish.
  • High five to celebrate.


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