Google donates $600k to 3D-printed prosthetic hands charity

Design, Disability / Friday, May 29th, 2015

The good folks from enabling the future got a massive boost this week with the announcement that Google has donated a $600,000 grant to support the charity.

The charity started only a couple ofIMG_4826-1024x682years ago and in such a short time has made a massive difference to the lives of kids with hand disabilities. They help connect kids with people who have 3D printers who are happy to help donate their time and resources by printing custom 3D printed prosthetic hands. They even connect people across the globe and have lots of useful resources for the various technical know-how how required for such a complex device.

I particularly admire their handomatic, a web app that allows users to enter their measurements, select different models of hand required and then generate the 3D files required for 2014-10-02-07-09-04-amprinting. Amazing stuff.


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