DIY Project – Air compressor noise isolation box

Design / Friday, August 14th, 2015

I decided to take up Airbrushing, so got myself an Air Compressor that would also be used for powering tools. Only trouble was, like most compressors, the thing was a noisy beast.

Decided to build a sound isolation box for the Compressor, so got a sheet of structural 15mm Plywood and built this box over a few weekends.

The box is kept cool by twin high-powered, low noise computer fans that I rigged up (poorly) with a 12V power adaptor, and the intake and exhausts both have a ventilation box with channels designed to let air flow easily but sound not so.

We had lots of carpet leftover from a recent installation so this was put to good effect. I added a small bit of fiberglass to the exterior air vent as it looked like it could use a bit of strengthening in case bumped.

close up of intake venting channel. carpet for sound reduction.
compressor in box. A tight fit, but fine with adequate ventilation
Side. Regulator and wiring being worked on.
The box, showing the rear computer fan used in air intake channel system
obligatory ‘look at me with my dangerous tool’ pose.
Front w.exhaust venting & pipe for fan wiring.

P1070806P1070675 P1070680-2 P1070806 P1070814 P1080350 ross-air-compressor


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