$20 Mouth Operated Mouse

Disability / Monday, December 28th, 2015

Strangely enough I stumbled across this by chance whilst looking into Whiskey.

It’s a very clever, cheap and DIY-able mouth operated mouse, that the designer has fully documented and released freely, including the files required for 3D Printing.

It really is incredible that inventiveness, technology and open-source have combined in a way that can benefit many severely disabled people.

AboutThis project was intended to prove if it is possible to build a pointing device (mouse) for people with disabilities for under 20 USD, using only components which are widely available as well as a 3D printer. The result is a basic mouth operated mouse which can be connected via USB to nearly every PC. The case allows to mount it on standard tripods using a 1/4 inch screw.FunctionalityThe user moves the cursor by using a mouthpiece which basically works like a joystick. The right mouse button is operated by pushing the mouthpiece towards the case. The left mouse button is emulated by a sensor that recognizes if the user sucks air trough it.Hardware/SoftwareI used open source hardware and software if possible. The system is controlled by an Arduino Pro Micro. The Firmware was written as an Arduino sketch. I’m not really a fan of the Arduino “IDE” but for this project it simply worked. Other parts where purchased from ebay or a local hardware store.

Source: Mouth Operated Mouse by 0_o – Thingiverse

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