Maker Workbench

Maker / Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

I’m proud to say this project is almost done. A workbench I built to hold our laser cutter/engraver, our Carvey CNC machine and tools to help with projects.

Carvey CNC

I used a Kreg Pockethole jig for the joinery, and used one of their workbench plans. I extended the width and added extra bracing to accommodate the 70kg weight of the machines.

Worked on this weekends and probably took a month. Finished with Tung Oil polyurethane and Shellac over the top. 3 coats of each.

Purchased all the wood from Masters, who have the awesome service of free cutting down to size. This meant all I needed to do was assemble. NICE.

Me working on my first project

This was my second project as a one-armed woodworker. I was pretty amazed how well the Kreg jig worked, as I didn’t believe before starting I would be capable of doing it myself. I did, other than getting my Brother-in-law to hold a long join-up briefly during assembly.



  • sheet of plywood 15mm 2400×1200 $50.
  • 2×4’s in equivalent metric. guessing $20 worth
  • Off-cut from earlier project, 18mm plywood $50 approx
  • Paint: Tung Oil $50, Shellac $58
Kreg Jig
  • Kreg Jig $149
  • Kreg Screws & Kreg clamps – approx $170. (Clamps & Jig one-off cost)
  • Dust Deputy Deluxe $165 (special pre-filter vacuum system)


What worked well

  • Me! how awesome is it to challenge yourself to make or do something that was previously dismisesd as being too difficult or even impossible.
    The Kreg Jig made the joinery almost too easy. Few little mistakes as I was learning but just re-did a new hole nearby.
  • Shellac. The final coats of Shellac were easy to apply, & being able to recoat two hours later was really good

What didn’t work well

  • Being impatient
  • The Tung Oil. Expensive, smelly & took the whole 1L can to do the bench. It also required 12hrs between coats. The smell was overpowering and required whole house ventilation even though I painted with the door closed.

Estapol Tung Oil Polyurethane Subdued Gloss 1L this stuff was $50 from Masters. Thank god they were having a  ‘Buy 2 get one free sale’ at the time.

  • Build stages – final assembly. Because the Workbench was too big to fit through the door I had to build in the garage then carry to assemble in the Lab.

This made for a very cramped assembly  with almost nowhere to step safely in the whole room, and it was impossible to put dropclothes down everywhere, which lead to some paint splatters on the wall and carpet. Ooops.


Maker Workbench
Maker Workbench. Click for full size image

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