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Disability / Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

When I had my motorbike accident 25 years ago, that paralysed my dominant arm and gave me a few other bumps and grazes, one of the best things that happened shortly after was the Hospital introducing me to another one-armed Biker by the name of Charlie.


This video is dedicated to Charlie, who took me under his one good wing, and showed me life as a one-armer was great. He still rode Bikes like a one-armed fool and lived a pretty happy life.

If I can help anyone else who has become disabled in any way, by email or Skype I’d love to hear from you. If you know someone that might benefit please send them a link to this page, or the video.

Lets get in touch and answer all those questions and put your mind at rest.

Shortly after the accident my best mate Blake casually strolled into the hospital room for the first time, and took one look and me and cheerfully exclaimed, right in front of the Nurse, “Well… guess you’ll be learning to wank with the right-hand now, eh mate?!

Talk. About. Embarrassed.

Over the years I’d had this blog I’ve helped 6 guys with their decision to amputate their paralysed arm. I realise now, having had my little videos up on YouTube for a while, that I have a hell of a lot of very specific advice to offer, and bugger-me if the Internet is good for something other than Porn, it’s reaching out to one-armed Kiwi’s named Robbie.

Well, that’s the plan. A modest one. A good-un.

I’m available evenings (Australian time) and Weekends and this service is of course completely free, although I would encourage you to donate a modest amount to your favorite charity if you feel so kind.

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