Suffering – a transformational approach.

Pain / Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Suffering – an opportunity for growth

It’s not everyday you hear a quote from someone that can completely change your perspective on something you’ve lived with for 26 years, especially so when it’s about something unpleasant like Chronic Pain.

I was listening to one of my regular Podcasts,  Bulletproof Radio, Episode #289 which was on alternative therapies for drug addiction. Near the end of the show the Guests were asked to wrap up things with their thoughts.Bulletproof Radio

I made this short video after getting permission from Deanne, who said a few statements on suffering that have resonated with me ever since.

It’s something I share in the hope it can help anyone out there suffering with pain, or suffering with anything.


Deanne speaks about a shift in perspective towards suffering, that no longer sees us resist it, or as something that requires treatment or to be fixed.

Looking at suffering as an opportunity for huge growth might sound a little dubious, but I can assure you that in my case it  very much is. It really was one of those moments where something in my brain clicked… I saw the light, or rather heard the truth in what she said in the podcast.


It isn’t easy, and requires an ongoing commitment. You may not always believe it but if you remain open-minded and accepting of it you will see a massive weight off your shoulders, that evil cackling Monkey on your back will dissolve away giving you the freedom to keep exploring your suffering and what it means to you and your story.

I still have pain, I still suffer exhaustion and I still get upset at it’s impact on my family. But I don’t get upset, at being upset…. if that makes sense.

Stay tuned for more!

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