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Maker / Monday, May 30th, 2016

It’s been a bit quiet in the Workshop of late but managed to work on a few things seen here. Early tests showed it was pretty difficult sanding and finishing off what came out of the Carvey CNC machine, being especially difficult for a one-armed chap was the smaller stuff like the little Cartoon picture of me. Holding down something so small and sanding it pretty much involved either my foot, or a clamp on the bench.

I had a squizz on eBay and found these useful this hold-down clamps for a few dollars from HK. A set of 4 cost me a miserly $6.89 with free postage!

The “Pause” sign is a simple MDF block 16mm thick, with the CNC making those nice deep carved out letters look great. Shame my airbrush decided to p*ss all over the nice paintjob I’d patiently been applying over a couple of days.


We were disappointed to learn our fancy-pants laser cutting & engraving machine that we had pre-ordered in October 15, has had it’s release date pushed back to Xmas 2016.  It’s great that these were for resolving issues spotted during Beta-testing and we pretty soon got over that disappointed by focusing on the positives, like giving ys plenty of time to prepare Product designs and do exciting business-y things. And tax. *cries*

I also haven’t gotten as much chance to be in the Workshop as my chronic pain and exhaustion have wreaked their special kind of havoc with my physical and mental health. It is far better for me to rest during these times than plan in my little Workshop.

Will, yet again, promise myself to post more often.


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