26 Years of chronic pain

Disability, Pain, Parenting / Friday, June 3rd, 2016


So coming up to anniversary of my motorbike accident, now 26 years ago.

September 9th, 1990 I ‘came a cropper’ and lost an argument with the tarmac, when I had a split second disaster unfold that flicked me off my Motorbike at 80km’s/hr and when I hit the tarmac with such energy, the impact pulled the nerves from my left arm right out of the connection to my spinal cord.

Insta-paralysis. Game set match.

So I was left-handed for the first 17 years of my life and then right-handed since.

Unfortunately the side-effects were far, far worse than the trauma of losing the use of my dominant arm.



So, now it’s time for to continue my quest to help others, by writing a book. A Memoir self-help, inspiration and cold-hard truth of the suffering and impact on me, my loved ones, friends and colleagues.

Olly laugh These days I still work full-time to support my beautiful wife and 18month old gorgeous son. I take a number of medications to help with the chronic and phantom pain I endure. Generally, I suffer worst from 2pm onwards due to the nature of tolerance to pain-medication, and sedentary nature of office-work.

Many days, including last night, I get home and go straight to bed. On days I don’t I spend time from 5pm-8.30pm with my Wife and Baby then go to bed and get up at 5am every single day.20160118_122713

I intensely study self-help books, have just completed an online Macquarie University Chronic Pain course, continually research and test many different life-hacking things to see what works and generally try and be healthy.

The biggest part that puts me off writing my book is revealing the most terrible aspects of life and wondering what value it can give, how on earth does one try and write with a positive frame-of-mind and trying desperately to discover my goal for the book.

Because we are also working on business plans to generate extra cash from home, there is precious little time left to write. As you can imagine, having a very young child and Wife who also suffer as a result of mine, our family life is very different to most. I don’t know she copes and this of course will feature heavily in any book.

But, how much of a freak-show can a book like this become and when there is no happy ending… when the light at the end of the tunnel is just from an oncoming train… it’s very hard to resist jumping off out of the way.

Perhaps, this post is the start of something big.

Stay tuned, be healthy and stay strong.

Yep, that’s it. I will be brave and post here on my blog, and on Facebook and then good things will happen.

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