Videogame-inspired robotic prosthetic arms

Design, Disability / Thursday, June 9th, 2016

Well kids the future is here. Videogame inspired prosthetic arms are in development in a partnership between deus ex developers and Intel. It won’t be long before you be able to download and print your own prosthetic robotic arm at home. Open Bionics are the team who are currently working on an arm based on the hit Deus Ex sci-fi videogame.

This pretty incredible to think just how far this sort of technology has come in a very short period of time. Already volunteers around the world offer their time and money to 3-D print prosthetic hands for children in this just takes that idea one step further, or should that be one hand further?

I’ve been one armed for 26 years now so this sort of thing is no longer anywhere near as exciting as it used to be for me however I maintain a much higher level of excitement for the others can you imagine just how cool a young kid would be at his school if he is the 1st to attend with his own robotic sci-fi looking arm. Too cool for school!
Head over to the story at the verge that I came across today announcing this.


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