The irony of Chronic Pain

Pain / Saturday, July 16th, 2016

Chronic but Random but not.

One of the worst things about Chronic Pain for me is the cursed randomness. Kinda ironic having the word Chronic in there if it’s not persistent!

Thank god that my cocktail of medications and therapies keeps me relatively low on the pain scale, it’s more the exhaustion factor that causes my problems. (Other than brain-fog & farts)

Yesterday was one of those days when pain management went out the window around lunchtime, and I started suffering what felt like multiple scalpel slices all over my stump. Owies.

I remember feeling foolish that it took 90mins of this before I thought I should maybe take my afternoon dose early.


I soldiered on being a brave little sausage and finished work early at 3pm, which got me home in time for a little bit of nice family time & rest.After dinner, I thought to myself “Well bugger me if isn’t 7pm and I’m thinking of going to bed.”

So I listened to that little man in my head and kissed the Family n’nights and toddled off to bed.

Fate was nice to me and left me alone to slumber pain-free until around 3am, so up I got for a rather early start to the day.


Kinda sucky way to end the working week, but at least it was on a Friday, and I was reminded there are much worse things in life after reading the horror of the Terror attack in France.

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