Monthly Archives: August 2016

A Chronic Pain Battle-plan

Coping with pain.
Dealing with Chronic Pain, exhaustion, suffering and the side-effects of medication is incredibly difficult and stressful at times but there are plenty of

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Arm amputee question – child seats

Arm Amputee Child Car Seat use
Hey,  any arm amputees out there that can give any tips for getting child into and out of child

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The Chronic Pain Course at the eCentreClinic

3 Months ago I had the opportunity to complete an online program by the Macquarie University eCentreClinic
The Pain Course is a free, online and internet-delivered

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Using Zippers One-Handed

By popular demand here is a short video I made on Using Zippers One-Handed

I asked my Amputee mate Shane if he had any

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Chronic Pain House of Cards

Crash bang wallop.
I had an example of a very nicely stacked House of Cards come a-crashing down this week.
I have been in a

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It’s a one-armed small world after all

It’s refreshing to realise you’re not the only one.
In the past week I have been contacted by two one-armed visitors to my site

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