Arm amputee question – child seats

Pain / Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

Arm Amputee Child Car Seat use

Hey,  any arm amputees out there that can give any tips for getting child into and out of child seats?

A visitor to my YouTube channel got in touch to ask me, but I had to say it was a Task I gave up on.

Those bloody child restraints buckles give me nightmares. Shudder.


Update: Here’s the response from Shane about his technique

Shane Kapitzke I got this. Here’s what worked for me;

Set bubs capsule up on the side of the car that suits you best. For me, it was the LH side of the car.

In the middle of the car only works if you have a large car and are prepared to climb in and out when juggling the midget.

1. Unbuckle bub, making sure to untangle any arms from the belts.
2. Slide hand in from one side and under bub. Which side depends on you/which arm you’re missing.

Side Note: Depending on bubs age its best to support their neck/head. This will mean bub will “roll” a little as your arm moves under them. Practice with bub awake and make it fun for them, they’ll learn to roll with you.

3. Next, get close to bub. Like, lean into them.

4. Roll bub into you, close. Again, supporting their brain box (head).

5. Roll yourself out of the car to a standing position. I usually have one foot on the ground, outside of the car, and one foot on the floor of the car in front of bubs capsule.

Practice, practice and practice. Get bub involved as soon as you’re comfortable with your technique.


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