A Chronic Pain Battle-plan

Pain / Friday, August 26th, 2016

Coping with pain.

Dealing with Chronic Pain, exhaustion, suffering and the side-effects of medication is incredibly difficult and stressful at times but there are plenty of things you can to do to help cope. Here is a mind-map I’m currently working on that has me thinking in terms of Consequences, Symptoms and my Battle-plan for coping or overcoming the symptoms and fall-out of Chronic Pain.


My Mental battle is always a work in progress due to the changes in my physical and mental symptoms, and goals in life. Chronic pain is always with me to some extent and this means it does in part, define me. Having one-arm is very much an obvious physical challenge, but many of the mental challenges are invisible or part-visible and this means communication must be a part of your plan.


It is one of my biggest weaknesses, as a Gritty tough guy that has dealt with this for 26 years, my default nature is to turn it inward. I can’t broadcast my problems to the world as only I truly understand them. I can however communicate them to my loved ones and colleagues. But sometimes in the periods of most pain and suffering it is so terrible I don’t want them to know. I realised I can get better, and help others, by communicating via blogging and YouTube. This helps them and this helps me. Win!


Mental Battle Mind Map

Note there is an error, right-hand side should begin with Battle-plan instead of Structured Problem solving.

battle plan (1)

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