A return to two wheels

Disability / Monday, September 19th, 2016

A return to two wheels.

After a brief 23 year hiatus I’m delighted to announce my return to two wheels!

It turns out, one can only suffered a limited number of bus trips home, with annoying School kids being idiots and exposing themselves to each other. So, after complaining to Sharina about my awful experiences on the bus of late, she bravely reminded me I had always said I would get back on a Bike one day.

It turns out, that day is getting very very near, 🙂

After a bit of research into current models I decided to get myself this sweet little Scooter. The Piaggio Zip 50 cost me about $2000 (new). It’s only 50cc so very low grunt, but at least I can use just my car license.

I spoke with a specialist Bike insurer about riding one-handed and they were perfectly happy to offer me a policy. $250 gets me full cover with is pretty sweet.

I’ll get a Motorbike Engineering company to refit controls for one-handed use and then it’ll be time to hit the road. Not literally.


When it comes to Safety. I discovered a lot had changed in the years since I last rode. You can now buy Jeans with Kevlar thread & reinforced zones, plus built-in pockets for Bike Armour – little pads that absorb massive amounts of force in the event you take a spill.

Scooter Safety gear

I spent roughly $1000 on this full kit that includes Jacket (with similar armour to the Jeans), Helmet, Gloves, Jeans and Boots.

It might seem like overkill to wear all this gear for just a little Scooter that will bearly go faster than 60Km/s, and I’m proud to admit it is, that is if you compare what many others choose to wear. Considering I’ve had two serious Bike accidents, one that paralysed my arm and the next that saw me fly through the air and land on a fence, and both were cases of ‘Sorry mate I didn’t see you’, I feel pretty secure in my choice about gear.

Just this weekend when spending time with Olly and Sharina in our backyard, I saw three Bike riders go past just wearing t-shirts. One was your typical weekend-Harley rider, a guy that looked 60 with full black clothing and stupidly unsafe Open-face Helmet. He had a passenger on the back and she was dressed the same. The other rider was just a young bloke on a powerful-looking sports Bike.

It took me 2 near-death crashes to realise I wasn’t bulletproof, but thank god I did at least learn the lesson. It’s a real shame to see an older guy riding a Bike that probably cost him a huge chunk of his annual Salary, thinking it’s ok to risk life or limb for the sake of looking cool.

Each to their own, I suppose.


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