Arm amputee Triathlete Kerryn Harvey

Disability, Pain / Saturday, November 26th, 2016

Stumbled across this article today, about the story of Kerryn Harvey who was a triathlete that suffered a bike accident during a cycling trip in 2013.

She has the terrible misfortune of landing on a patch of road that had the nasty flesh-eating bacteria on it and this caused the subsequent amputation of her arm and shoulder.

Kerryn bounced back from this horrific event and was soon back on the saddle, becoming a para-triathlete and later winning bronze at the World championships in July 2016.

Kerryn wanted to help other amputees and started a charity, Start Foundation.

Amputees can apply for grants that will help pay for new limbs or equipment to help them participate in sport.

…not only for the benefits of being fit and active but it might help them to get back into the community and into life the same way as it helped me



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