Setback to our Business plans

Design / Sunday, December 4th, 2016

Delays. Bah!

The downside to investing in product development is the reality is delays can go hand-in-hand with Progress.

In October 2015 we invested a few thousand in a Laser cutting & engraving machine called the Glowforge that sold 28 million USD worth of orders in the 30 days of its crowdfunding campaign. (the biggest 30-day crowdfunding campaign in history)

The machine has some amazing features and clever methods of doing things current competitors technology cannot match.

We hope to use it to make from home a range of personalised items and giftware such as wedding invitations, giftboxes, small signage.

There Glowforge was supposed to ship in December of that year but soon after they announced delays pushed back that deadline in February 2016, and again in April with the CEO promising December 2016 would be the long awaited shipment date.

This weekend we got another email pushing the long awaited date to between April and August 2017, depending on when Investors ordered within the original 30-day window.

We were cautious way back then, and waited until day 27 before committing an order.

I was devastated when I read this but sleeping, or rather sulking, overnight saw me join Sharina in being resigned to our fate.

It’s been really hard for us as we decided to become a single-income household, with the goal of being up and running this December. Sharina and I will design and create products in the evenings and she will ship orders at some stage in the week whilst I’m being a slave-to-the-rhythm at my day job.

Hopefully it will all be worth it. Either we cancel and buy off-the-shelf elsewhere or wait it out.

I’m not known for my patience but by damn I’m freaking resilient so this little bump in the road will be one to jump over rather than stubs ones toes.

Sharina is much more pragmatic than me thankfully so we’ll come through this together, stronger and with frikkin laser-beams! Wicked cool.

Here is a photo of one of the secret features the Glowforge developers were quiet about now. It’s showing 3D Engraving, at an extremely nice level of detail I’m drooling over. unnamed

Can’t wait! Or can I.


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