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Disability / Friday, December 9th, 2016

Head out on the Highway

I’m pleased as punch to say I took my Bike test yesterday and passed with flying colours!

To ‘get legal’ for the Scooter I had to take an office Q-ride ‘Return to road’ test and also have a QLD Transport approved Occupational Therapist conduct an assessment.

It was both very hard and very easy, the start of the test I had to do a set of slow figure 8’s, keeping inside the allowed area. This was very hard and I honestly thought I wouldn’t be able to do it. In a Scooter, you don’t get the same weight distribution so it was harder for me.

However, I kept going and did it after a couple of goes. I was able to do the rest of the test well, with slaloms, very slow speed ride and safe braking, which I got big thumbs-up from the Trainer for and I think everyone could see my grin through my helmet 🙂

We then did a 10 min road test and this was good fun, except for the 2 min stretch where we went through an 80km zone. There was me with my under-powered little Scooter barely going over 50k’s!

Looking for adventure

The trainer said it was awesome for him to watch the faces of other motorists and pedestrians when they saw me go past. One bogan walked out on the road to say something to me so I got to practice my slalom skills for real. (Passed!)

The trainer happily gave me and the other Biker the seal of approval and the other guy and his wife celebrated with me with congrats all round. Slightly embarrassing to hear them say “you’ll be inspiring to others” but that’s cool with me.

Will take a wee wait before I get the paperwork done and back to my GP and then it’ll be zoom-zoom time for me.


My Birthday on Monday so this is an awesome early present. Nice!



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