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Disability / Monday, May 8th, 2017


So it’s been a good few months with the Scooter now. I realised on the way home today I hadn’t posted any update, so here’s one fresh hot from the Oven.


It’s been a regular source of amusement getting to see others reactions to me and more than once I’ve seen all of a passing car’s passengers crane their heads back towards me. A couple have even wound their windscreen down and yelled “ON YA!” and/or given me the thumb’s up.



The most amusing, in hindsight, was the day I pulled out from the Station and came up to a roundabout. I found myself giving way to a half-dozen Motorbike Cops, in formation going around it.

Every single one of them saw me and looked back as they passed. It was hilariously well synchronized! To be honest though, at the time I was rather worried I was about to be pulled over by 6 Cops, eager to interrogate me to validate my credentials and authority to ride.. or not. They didn’t. I’m positive they would have a good chuckle back at the station.

Fun. Not Fun

I’ve been so happy being back on the road. Let’s face it, bike riding is fun. One of the things I promised myself, as ‘the price of admission’ and do my ‘duty to my family’ was to always wear my full safety gear, which includes heavy reinforced Jeans with impact protection inserts (Bloody Hot but), boots gloves and Jacket. I’m bloody proud to say I’ve upheld that promise other than once.

I soon realised though that being back on two-wheels exposes yourself to other drivers and sadly this includes complete wanker tradies who try to intimidate you by tail-gating and/or overtaking aggressively. This prompted me to get the Scooter ‘souped up’ with a sports exhaust and other tweaks, to take the original top speed of 45km/hr to up to 70.

I saw more than enough inattentive drivers almost fail to see or give-way, to prompt me to get a high-viz vest to hopefully cut down on the risk there. I don’t give two-shits what I look like, I’m too old & wise for that now and hey I did lose an arm in my first accident, and land on a fence in my second. (Both involved car drivers who didn’t see me.)


So Tropical Queensland is perfectly capable of chilly temps, and as I’m riding at 5am it’s getting pretty unpleasant on some days. Still, not even close to what I put up with in Dunedin so I’m not yet even close to thinking about hanging my boots up over winter. Fortunately the rainy days are very rare so I only get to wear my sexy yellow trousers extremely infrequently.



The most recent amusing event was some young school kids spotting me last week pull out of my park and ride over the speed-bump. I heard one shout and point. “He’s got one-arm. HEY ONE-ARM!”

I’m sure he’s going to win this months CAPTAIN OBVIOUS award.

That about wraps it up then. Hope you liked it.

I’d be really quite pleased if you tried extra hard on the roads to keep an eye out for Motorbike riders.

Stay safe.


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