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Business, Maker / Thursday, May 11th, 2017


In December 2015 I posted about our plans for starting a side-gig from home, using CNC carving machine and a laser-cutter/engraver to make a wide-range of Products to sell on Ebay, Etsy, local Makers and our own site.


Now some 18 months later we are finally close to the main machine, the laser, arriving.

Just paid for shipping so it won’t be long before it ships!

It’s been many months of delays, setbacks and enormous disappointment. We finally grew tired of waiting on the Glowforge laser being delayed in product, so cancelled and ordered instead from an alternate US Manufacturer called Voccell.

The Voccell was also a machine with a lead-time of 12 weeks estimated. It was delayed by a further 8 weeks which we somewhat-endured. 


What’s next.

In the next Month I’ll spend my free-time experimenting with the machine and testing materials such as plywood and walnut, acrylic plastics and even cardboard or slate tiles.

Then we’ll go into production mode, hopefully using the Laser in the evenings and weekends to fulfil customer orders. As we live frugally one income, the extra cash (once the taxman gets fed) will go to good use and Sharina and Olly will help with Shipping during the weekdays I’m stuck at work.

All going well some of that cashflow will turn into actual spending money and we can enjoy satisfying our love of coffee or fun adventures without the worry of breaking the bank.


Positives from Disappointments.

Look at the start of this we new there would be delays and used that opportunity to research the market, create pretty sophisticated databases of competitors, suppliers, materials… mind-mapping ideas and general ‘stuff’. 

I’ve invested most of my free-time doing this so of course will be so amazingly satisfied to see orders going out the door and bringing joy to others.

It has taught us patience and allowed for hundreds of hours learning and planning. That’s something not every business owner get the luxury to do. I’m thankful.


I look forward to sharing some photo’s at a later date.


My homemade filtration systems using hydroponics ‘grow room’ equipment to create a safer system for us and also the neighbours who will not experience too much nasty smells coming from the exhaust systems

Our desktop CNC
Olly playing peekaboo!

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