Coffin thoughts

Pain / Friday, June 23rd, 2017


My homemade filtration systems using hydroponics ‘grow room’ equipment to create a safer system for us and also the neighbours who will not experience too much nasty smells coming from the exhaust systems
This is the flange connection to failed Coffin.


Update: Need to remember that air will flow to lowest pressure point, so how do we achieve a good spread of the coffin incoming air across the filter itself?

Ideally would fit under bench within a space of 1400mm (w) x 530mm (h) x 700m (d)


Filter and Fan would fit within a 350 mm square x 750 mm height. Box will likely lay flat on its side

filter cradle


Plywood sourced is 12mm x QTY 2 sheet of 1200mm x 600mm.

Sheet 1 would fit 3 of the Coffin sides 350 x 750 and Sheet 2 one remaining side and top and bottom of ‘350’ x 2.


Note I haven’t decided upon box fit and opening but if working from something like below I might have the box seal by the top fitting over all 4 sides, press-fit with togggle catches also, avoiding the need for a hinge altogether.


fan & filter


Is it best to locate fan inside coffin to minimise noise?

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