Pain Medication side effects

Pain / Thursday, June 29th, 2017

Are you considering using medication to control your Pain?

This post is for you.

Over the 27 years I’ve lived with pain by my side, I’ve suffered many side effects and agonized not solely from the pain itself, but also on the decision of best treatment.

It turned out that chasing the best treatment is a fools errand.

My type of pain is called Neuropathic pain, and was caused by the nerve damage that also paralysed my arm. I also suffer Phantom pain, back and upper neck and shoulder pain.

Fortunately for me my pain is usually between low-mild (but almost always ‘on’ in some form) and more rarely can reach extreme, which usually manifests in waves or spikes that are very interfering with concentration.

Only in the last 4 years have I transitioned to sustained-release medication (Targin) which I also use along with Lyrica and Endep that I have been tak8ing  since 2012. I also use non-medicated pain management strategies such as Mindfulness, Heat-packs And TENs machines

The Low.

My pain is definitely not static or always present thanks to all these strategies employed. However it is important to discuss the very worst moments, which resulted in intense suffering, extreme stress and thoughts of suicide mainly due to other factors like work and long-term employment prospects.

Side Effects

  • Brain-fog
  • Memory loss and poor recall.
  • Loss of libido
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Irritability
  • Low blood pressure
  • Head-rush and fainting
  • Extreme constipation
  • Stress and Anxiety

These side-effect alone are enough to mess you up. Seriously. It’s important to realise that other people with  the same injury as me suffer pain differently and I know others who do not choose to medicate at all.

My choice is simple. Without the drugs I would be incapable of employment (other than self-employment). Even though my mind is very much made up and I am completely at peace with things I have still chosen to continue to look for alternative treatments and enrolling in a MacQuarie University online Pain course.


I have increased the dose of my Targin, an Oxycodone baeds medication only once which I am very proud of. Lyrica I have increased 3 or 4 times and decreased later.

Pain has pushed me to the edge and given me a glimpse of what’s at the bottom of that precipice.

Brain Fog

This shit will mess you up and if you use your brain for a living you best try every productivity method you can possibly discover and switch yourself to a whole-food diet. You may have to quit the booze and recreation drugs. Just do it.

Speak to your Boss and your HR team and see what strategies and tools are available for you in your situation.

If you live for decades with pain and want to remain employed you either have to medicate and deal with it, or not medicate and deal with it.


You are in the drivers seat.

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