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Pain / Thursday, August 17th, 2017

This Garden is made for eatin’

Since becoming Vegetarians, and later Vegans, in March we have been very much focused on a healthy diet, and becoming avid Organic Gardeners also has enabled us to have more control over what goes in our gobs. This post will introduce you to some of the tools that have been the driving force behind our Green thumbs.


The Garden Tower 2

Gsrden Tower 2

This clever vertical garden Tower rotates around an inner tube that acts as a worm farm and allows the device to self-fertilise. It has 50 pockets for planting in and a tray at the bottom allows me to collect the amazing compost created by the Worms that live within the Tower and feed on kitchen scraps deposited in the tube.

Its made from top quality BPA plastic which is very strong. So yeah an amazing self-contained Vertical Garden.



Peas and Tomato plants growing nicely from top section
Vegepod and Garden Tower


The Vegepod is an Australian invention we saw on Shark Tank. It features a specially Mesh Cover that keeps out Nasty bugs. The base stores water which allows for sub-irrigated water for the plants roots and also allows for the Vegepod to go weeks in between watering if required.It has an overhead built in mist irrigation.

Strawberries growing in the Vegepod

We made a mistake when placing it as it wasn’t a sunny enough position. I recently relocated it and raised it on a simple plywood base with old tiles propping it up to a more comfortable height.

We are growing from seed purchased through a few Specialist organic supplier websites and a few cheaper options from eBay sellers. I’ve also purchased an LED growlight to try and be more successful raising the seedlings.



Compost heap and Root bags
View from side of house looking down at the Tower

Another useful tool in our Garden is the Root Pouch
This fascinating little Pouch allows the plant to grow a much healthy root system. It can be dragged around to a different position if required. I purchased this from a local YouTube Gardening ‘celebrity’ called Rob.


Mini-greenhouse. We recently got this little cheap Greenhouse to see if we get better success with the seedings and also allow much more control on staggered planting so that we are always growing & harvesting at the same time.


Most recent additions were A dwarf blueberry bush and strawberries from Daleys Fruit Nursery. Closely followed by Potato, Tumeric, Comfrey and Sweet Peas. We are currently growing or harvesting Peas, tomato, Bok Choy. Parsley, Carrot, Garlic,Goji Berries, Spinach and Silverbeet. Some Lemon Balm and others flowers are in the mix to attract bees.


This little hobby has pretty much exploded with passion and I love every minute spent on the Garden, and especially love drinking the amazing green smoothies made by Sharina, and plenty of other Meals she has made for us. Do it yourself, grow it yourself… a winning combo.


Pay Off

A massive boost in energy and vitality is the number one benefit of living this way. For someone like me with chronic pain this goes a really long way to keeping me the fittest I’ve felt in years. I’ve lost 6-7 kilos and reduced my exhaustion to the lowest it’s been in long time.

Gardening itself can be a very meditative activity and I’ve learnt a great deal from YouTube, and from trial and error. It’s been really fun teaching Olly how to help out which he absolutely loves.


So a great deal of change this year. From semi-healthy meat eating to a Vegan lifestyle that will inch closer and closer to self-sufficiency. Sharina has become an excellent Chef and discovered some awesome recipes. Sugar is now a much lesser part of our diet and our tastebuds adapted much quicker than I expected.




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