Laser update: Gearing up!

Business, Maker / Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017
Busy busy making stuffs!

Update time!

Exciting news on our progress with the Laser cutter. I’ve had some pre-orders already from Family, friends and colleagues and it’s been really exciting getting some lovely feedback and encouragement. Still lots to do, of course, and I must confess also so very difficult to control my perfectionist tendencies and just hurry up and ship stuff!

Here are some images of the 3D Puzzles that we’ll be selling in kitset form. Plan to offer via Weekend Markets and Etsy, and those beloved Friends and Family again. My Mum and a friend of hers are already our Official New Zealand Agents and placing lots of orders for Wall Name Signs (or ‘Wall Decor’ if you want to sound posh. Huh!)

It’s not all smelling like Roses of course. When you live with Chronic Pain and it’s subsequent exhaustion, plus having a very loving Family to spend time with, there can be precious little time, and finding the right balance is so very important.

Which is a reminder that in this crazy world we live in, we should strive to live and love for the moment for that is all we truly ever have.

What’s Next?

Make stuff. Learn things. Sell sell sell. And pay the taxman. Yuck.

This awesome Harley Puzzle was very challenging to assemble but worth the effort.

My lovely Wife and Puzzle-maker-extraordinaire
Some of the charming Australian Animal puzzles. And a Scooter.

Testing the engraving capabilities on the Laser with some scrap wood. Lions Logo supplied by my Mum who has been a proud Lion for many years. Roar.

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