Update on our Laser Cutting Business

Business / Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

So it begins

On September 25th 2015 I sent my Wife Sharina an email about a Laser cutting machine that was on pre-order. The machine ended up being the highest value crowdfunded product ever. A few weeks later we took the bold risk to pre-pay over $6000.


Sadly the project was delayed, and delayed and pushed back and eventually in December 2016 they sent another “Your Order is shipping yet” email, and that was just one too many delays for us to stomach, so after weeks of research into alternate brands we cancelled and ordered from an alternate US company, Voccell. That machine arrived late May 2017 and I spent many weekends building an air filtration system and continue with researching the market and competitors for opportunities.

Now of course this was all done as a ‘side-gig’ in my free time after work and during most weekends. After all that, we’re so totally excited to almost be ready. I’ve some Photo’s below I shared on Facebook and with some colleagues at work, who were lovely enough to place a few orders.



I’m so grateful for Sharina who was a fulltime Mother to our son Olly who turns 3 next Month. She did the vast majority of household tasks, and a bloody cracking good job as well.

Having lived with disability and chronic pain that worsened over the 27 years since my motorbike accident, it’s been pretty clear to me I need to manage my time & energy with laser focus. I learnt not to stress (usually!) about things outside my control, but if I did have the chance, no matter how slim, that I could work on something to boost our odds of keeping our household, and live and love working together with my Wife… how bloody awesome would that be?

I put on my big-boy pants and committed to getting up at 5AM everyday, or earlier, to either make time to spend on Laser stuff, or free up time in late afternoons to come home for some traditional family time. And recover from chronic exhaustion, then get back to work. I’m very fortunate my employer was open to me having unusual shift-times, which helped immensely with my health and wellness also, not just the side-gig.


Yeap, one-day this side-gig will become fulltime. There are many opportunities to run a business fulltime doing this sort of stuff, but I don’t want to leave an employer that is so health focused, and supportive as Bupa. I’d like to become a part-time employee with both companies, and get the best of both worlds! Yeah I guess I’m greedy..

The reality is we never know when our employers requirements may change, or new technologies may make our roles redundant. Those technologies are upon us at work, and directly within my Department. But that’s a good thing as they are also future-focused. You can’t move forward if things never change.

Its a little strange to have morphed so much in the 2 years since this Project began. I’m still the same me, mostly… but some of the unpleasant side-effects are having less time to spend on family, to relax and unwind. I consider it all part of the groundwork.

It’s quite strange that with our first orders being placed from customers, we’ve also seen some potential threats to my existing role at work. But I guess part of the point of this post is that just ‘existing’, isn’t existing at all. It’s a waste. It can be argued however, that no-one ever on their death bed exclaims “If only I put in more work”. Again, this has all just been groundwork.


There is a lot of content on this Blog about my experiences with Chronic Pain and Disability, YouTube videos on how to live one-handed. I don’t know if the site can co-exist with such different subjects but it’s almost certain to shift in focus. Time will tell.

Busy busy making stuffs!


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