Disability, Pain / Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

Shit Happens.


If you are suffering a crisis that is making you consider self-harm in any form, you must draw upon every remaining ounce of mental strength and reach out for help.

in Australia you can call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

In the UK call NHS 111 or click here.

If you want to speak with someone that has suffered from Disability and Chronic Pain for over 27 years, well.. that’d be me. Contact me on +61404902199


On Sunday a stranger called my phone, what happened next I’ll let my Wife describe (as I’m pressed for time at this point);


Robbie just received a phone call from a suicidal one-armed man in the UK. He hasn’t been outside of his house for 3 months, has had problems with addictive pain meds and some self-concious issues with his floppy paralysed arm. It’s 4am where he lives. In his darkest hour, he finds my husband’s phone number through his blog to reach out across the world.
Pretty powerful stuff.
Very sad he’s suicidal but glad he reached out to someone. Robbie gave him some good ideas for where to go from here and hopefully that’s enough to put him on a path to find sunnier times.
Here’s Robbie’s blog if anyone wants to check it out. There’s quite a few posts on disability, chronic pain and mental health. (Might have to scroll back a bit to find the non-business stuff.) A good insight to the man I love.

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