My Story. 27 Years with Disability and Chronic Pain

Disability / Monday, December 4th, 2017


Hey friends. December 3rd was UN sanctioned ‘International Day of People with Disability’. I’m proud to be a part of a Disability Working Group at Bupa, and I wanted to create a video that tells my Story of living with Disability and Chronic Pain for 27 years.

Many of you will know some of the facts from this little film but if you have ever been curious to know more, have a watch.

It’s close to 12 min so make yourself a cuppa, put your feet (assuming you have feet) up and enjoy.

I cover how I came to be disabled, how having an invisible disability such as Pain, alongside a physical disability can cause issues. I also discuss the medications and treatments I use and how I view my outlook on employment and self-employment.

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