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Disability / Thursday, May 17th, 2018

I wrote this page on One-handed Gaming over 3 years ago, and in the time since I’ve completely hung-up my Gaming Boots because my health, side-gig and Family commitments take up all my time now.

Surprisingly that Page is still in the Top 3 results from most Search engines if you search that topic, which would tend to indicate it’s a fairly niche topic? I was prompted to write this new post as I was contacted this week by someone on Reddit, who found an old comment I had made linking back to my page, and this person asked me the following:


Mr. MacGillivray,

I recently happened across this comment of yours from several years ago while looking for information on one-handed keyboard on Reddit, as a person with sufficiently limited dexterity in one hand as to make two-handed typing effectively impossible. I’ve just used one hand for many years, but as someone who likes to write, have always found speed a frustration. I’m also looking at entering software development, and it seems to be that anything I can do to reduce hand strain is a good idea.

Would you say the same to me as you did to OP in that comment, given that I’m not looking to game?


I replied to them saying:

No I’d more strongly encourage speech control & dictation. I also found this fascinating write-up on a guy that Codes games without a keyboard:


I highly recommend reading the article on Coding a Computer Game without a keyboard. Rusty is said Game creator, and he suffers extreme RSI. I find his dedication and comittment to overcoming the significant, painful challenges he had. He seems to be a stubborn bastard like I am, and I think stubbornness is a bloody good thing to have if you suffer an unexpected event like becoming disabled.

My own day-to-day use of Hardware & Software at home and work heavily features keyboard macro’s, text replacement apps like PhraseExpander, Trackball Mice and an illustrators digital Tablet when at home working on things for my laser-cutting & engraving side-gig.

I used to Speech to text tools like Dragon Naturally Speaking, but eventually stopped as it was impractical to be talking to my Computer if I was at Home working in the Living Room, or at Work in a busy open-plan Office.


I hope this update is of use to others and if you’d like more Tips on one-armed matters, hover over the ‘Disability’ Menu under my Site Header. Also very happy for you to Contact me below if you have any queries.

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