Spinal Stimulator Trial

Pain / Tuesday, April 16th, 2019

pain pain go away, come again another day

I’ve had some followups with my Pain Specialist and we have decided to do a trial of a device that could potentially eliminate my chronic pain.

It’s a device similar to a TENs machine that a Physio may use, and if it is a good match for my body it could result in me coming off all medications, being Pain free and all those other positive effects you can imagine.

Both the Doctor & myself are very pragmatic as there have only been studies done on lower spine type of nerve damage. He has asked the device manufacturer and they provided anecdotal feedback only.

So, potentially very exciting. I’m feeling good, but not feeling positive, or optimistic, or hopeful… if that makes sense. The goodside to that is I would likely cope better than expected if it fails, or something horrid happens that cause things to get worse (a very real possibility for Spinal stuff, but one that happens rarely)

So yeah, here’s hoping.

May 20th the trial begins. An external device will connect to electrodes in my neck & spine.

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