Spinal Stimulator booked

Pain / Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

Finished my week trial of the Nevro Spinal Stimulator and had follow-up with the awesome team at my Pain Specialist, Interventus.

How did it go?

Great, mostly. Very effective at reducing my most regular type of Chronic Pain. (People with nerve damage like me can feel heaps of unwelcome pain sensations, from electrical shocks & tingles, Hot burning, Bruise-pressing, Crushing or even just a hyper-sensitivity to everyday sensations. )

The Procedure itself was a quick 30mins in the Operating Theatre, where Dr Pendleton inserted two electrode wires near the bottom of my spine, fed them up the spine & into my neck. He had to go quite high up because my Nerve damage was nearby. I stayed overnight & saw the Nevro team the next day.

The device is a bit like a TENs machine. Similar principle but different in that it isn’t masking the pain with ‘pins & needles’. (Pro-tip, cheap TENs can be bloody awful)

What went Wrong?

It wasn’t effective on my stump-pain. Pretty much 24/7 my stump feels an electrical pain. Thankfully this is lower intensity to my other pains.

One day I suffered very extreme 9/10 pain at work. This was a brutal couple of hours, which finally subsided about 4 hours later. The Nevro device has different settings, and unusually your body/brain takes a good amount of time to ‘notice’. This was a really rare type of event for me and we have no idea what the cause was. So, unfair to blame it on the device. Scarey.

What’s Next

In a Month I go in for the same procedure, except this time Dr will insert the actual device in my bum-fat. I’ll use a wireless charger daily to keep it going for up to ten years. (serious). I’ll have a remote control to change the settings & all going well, we’ll very carefully start to taper off my Medication. I’m so looking forward to less issues with brain-fog, memory… etc, etc. I’ve been taking some of these medications over 15 years, so I’m hopeful I can reduce any long-term side-effects.

Anything Else?

I’ll edit if anything comes to mind. The only thing I can currently think of is mentioning the device costs over $30,000 so you best have top Health Insurance if you want to avoid that massive cost.

A big thank you to all involved at my GP, Pain Specialist, Hospital & Nevro.

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