Update! Side-gig to Gig

Business / Wednesday, December 11th, 2019

Late November I was made redundant from my 15-year job at Bupa Australia. Unfortunately Bupa has had to go through a range of cost-cutting measures including a number of similar redundancies.

Anywho – for me at least this was a great opportunity to put my ‘Plan-B‘ into action and switch from my 3-year side-gig to full blown self-employment.

One of the advantages of having this long period of chronic pain (30 years OMG) was seeing the writing on the wall. About 5 years ago when Olly was born I was in a very bad way with poor medication choices, on top of very high pain and depression + anxiety. I came extremely close to having to stop work and after that shitstorm died down I put my thinking cap on & decided to research what I might be able to do if self-employment was the only option. I cover this history in more detail on these blog posts

Help! I need somebody….

(Spoiler: it’s you)

My business is going to thrive so much more with recommendations, referrals and customers from good-folk such as you.

My Store on eBay

For now my main presence is on eBay at the above link. Over time I’ll ramp up my sister-site, http://www.custom-names.com

You on board? Ok great, thanks so much. All the much.

What I make and sell:

  • Name Signs & Signs
  • 3D Wooden Puzzles & Toys
  • Laser cut Home Decor
  • Wedding signs, Decor, Table-names
  • Cake Toppers

Coming Soon

Stickers and Decals

Small Business: Point of Sale & Branding items

Clothing: Heat Transfer Vinyl – Custom T-shirts, Hats etc.

Sample Items from OneArmedGraphics

Star Wars inspired Name Sign
British Bulldog 3D Wooden Model
“Hoop / Ring” Sign
Jewellery Tree
Fancy Name Sign