3D Models and Puzzles

The Australian Animals Series

We’ve some really quite amazing 3D Models for sale on eBay. These are a combination of a jigsaw, wooden model and puzzle. Arriving flat-packed with Assembly Guide they are a really satisfying experience to construct the final piece. We’ll help with any construction issues you may have or spare parts required.

We offer very competitive prices and these represent great value as they do take anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour for the Laser Machine to cut the pieces.

Busy busy making stuffs!

Click the Photo’s to go to the listing on eBay.

Sulfur Crested Cockatoo 3D Wooden Model

Echidna 3D Wooden Model

Australian Dingo 3D Wooden Puzzle

Frill-necked Lizard – Wooden 3D Puzzle



The Wombat 3D Model. Australian Animals Series


The Emu 3D Model


The Koala in a Tree 3D Model

Koala 3D Model. (click image to go to Order page)


Australian Bilby 3D Model

Australian Wallaby 3D Model Puzzle


Australian Wallaby 3D Model Puzzle


Australian Magpie A 3D Wooden Model


Koala Wooden 3D Wooden Model


Crocodile – A laser-cut 3D Wooden Model Puzzle