One-armed Maker, Disability and Chronic Pain mentor.

OneArmedGraphics is made by me, Robbie MacGillivray, a 43 year old Kiwi living in Brisbane Australia with my wife Sharina and son Olly.Robbie

Why did I pick the name OneArmedGraphics? It’s memorable, quirky and I do have one-arm!

I lost the use of my dominant left-arm from a motorbike accident in 1990 when I almost 18. I had the arm amputated late in 2008.

This injury is all-too-common to riders and is known as a brachial plexus injury (or BPI)

I started being creative as a way to deal with the high levels of chronic and phantom pain related to the nerve damage from the paralysis.

Getting stuck into learning 3D was a fantastic way to cope from a ‘distraction’ perspective as I suffer from high levels of constant, chronic pain.


Since creation of this site I have also expanded my slow domination of the internet by also creating allergywarninglabels.com – a resource for parents of food allergy sufferers and I have explored my disability and pain experiences here.

I am a street-photography, focusing on tattoo photography.


My Youtube channel



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