Voccell Laser do not honour their Warranty

This page is serving as a warning to customers or potential customers of the Voccell Laser

The Voccell is a US Assembled Laser cutting & engraving machine. Being US meant my equipment was not compatible with the Australian Power network unless a Transformer is used to ‘step down’ the 220V Australian to 110 US. Voccell arranged for a local company to ship me this device.


The saga begins January 2018

I had a serious incident that could easily resulted in a fire.

Jan 28th I had a power failure mid-job. Looking down at the smoke coming out of the Voccell supplied 240V to 110V power transformer, it was pretty clear why the power cut out. The Transformer outside box measured 60.C with a heatgun and this tooka couple of hours in an air-conditioned room to cool down.

Its pretty clear I was lucky to avoid a fire. I had been supplied with a 1000W Step-down transformer, Voccell FAQ states that peak power is 1200W.

I researched the model I was supplied & learnt it was a chinese knock-off and very poorly made, with non-code compliant ‘features’ like a safety fuse housing that can shock users unlucky enough to poke a finger in.

I purchased my own quality-made replacement that genuinely was rated for continuous use.

Since the incident I have sent numerous emails to Voccell who have only responded once, to say they were in talks with management because their usual process was to send their own replacement.

Updates to come….. or not.

Update: Voccell Support claimed to have sent me emails which mysteriously did not arrive. After repeating my requests (politely) most recent reply was on 10th March:

I got approved to provide a refund for the full cost of the transformer on our end, $149.98. Where would you like me to send the refund to?

John Billings

CSR Voccell

I replied asking to pay Paypal, and 11 days later, of course I am still waiting for their reply.

This mini-saga started February.