3D Graphic Design

nnnbn-1024x6021I have been doing 3D Graphics for over 25 years, starting with an Amiga 1200
sci-fi-atmos2_8& enjoying learning the many different tools available to a 3D Artist & Professional. My style is a generalist with a recent focus on Architectural Doc13-1024x768-1024x7681 Visualisation. I am very interested in Abstract art and design and enjoy a minimalist approach to most projects.

I began my journey as a way of Art Therapy to cope with the Chronic and Phantom Pain I suffered after paralysing my arm in a motorbike accident in 1990.

I can provide your business with an extensive range of 3D Graphic Design services, including but not limited to:

3D Modeling and Animation

Product Rendering and Illustration

Turntable animation

Architectural Visualisationdestruct-auto-exposure2-797x575

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