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Using Zippers One-Handed

By popular demand here is a short video I made onĀ Using Zippers One-Handed

I asked my Amputee mate Shane if he had any

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Suffering – a transformational approach.

Suffering – an opportunity for growth

It’s not everyday you hear a quote from someone that can completely change your perspective on something you’ve

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Disabled parenting – problems I experienced as an arm amputee Dad

This video talks about some of my problems I faced as a disabled new Dad.
That time in life coincided with a large increase

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Book recommendation : One-handed Parenting

I chat about the excellent book One-handed parenting: a practical guide for new parents.
Publisher describes the book;
Contains information on various aspects of

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March Update

Updating you on some recent great changes in my life of late.

I’ve now got a really lovely new Team Leader at

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Showering Tips

Some tips on Showering one-armed, keeping clean and on drying yourself off afterwards.
I made this video for anyone who has lost the use of

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Toilet tips for one armed or disabled use – YouTube

Quick tips on using the toilet when you only have the use of one-arm.
In this short video I show you how I tear toilet-paper

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Chronic Pain and the Workplace

This was a pretty tough week at work for me, mostly caused by high levels of exhaustion, not recovering from that exhaustion once home

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One handed Nappy Changing

Changing nappies for an arm amputee presents a few obvious challenges so we thought it was about time we recorded a video for the YouTube

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Side Projects and Chronic Pain

In this video I am talking about the usefulness of side projects when coping with Chronic Pain, but still appropriately medicating and trying to

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