Product Care

Product Care & Safety Advisories

Please note my products are not designed as toy and may break if dropped or handled uncarefully. Safety first! Do not mount items above cots or beds and keep out of reach of children.

Mounting Instructions


The best results are always obtained by cleaning your wall or surface beforehand with isopropyl alcohol (also called ‘Rubbing Alcohol’ at the Chemist). Ensure the surface is clean, dirt and dust free. If your Wall is freshly painted this may cause issues as some adhesives may not stick properly – especially so with Paints that have Teflon additives, or as marketed as ‘Easy wipe/clean‘. Your Paint can should have info on cure time – this is critical for freshly painted walls and may be up to a Month!

Disclaimer: This advice is of a general nature only. OneArmedGraphics cannot accept responsibility for damage caused if an item fails to apply or be mounted successfully.

TIP: Adhesives enemy is heat, and an items adhesive may randomly fail at any stage once it gets too hot.

Make it Stick!

I recommend using 3M strips where possible as this allows the product to be removed (and the strips themselves) without leaving a mark. For smaller items 3M Mounting tape is a good option. This is effectively a very strong double-sided tape, the only downside is it is not removable like the strips, or it may leave a mark if you try & remove or reposition.

TIP: A friend of mine uses and recommends dressmakers pins, which are very strong, and she said once you remove them the tiny hole is not even noticeable. If you are hanging a wall name sign then a few pins strategically placed may be all you need.

TIP: smaller items may be able to be mounted by using Blu Tack. I’ve successfully tested this on both Walls, Fridges and a Glass Splashback.

Material Specific Advice


Your wooden product may be permanently glued with PVA Glue or Super glue. Keep it clean with a damp cloth. Wood is a natural product and will ‘breathe’ depending on humidity levels. This can cause warping in extreme scenarios.


Acrylic may be permanently glued with Super Glue. Alternatively there are Acrylic specific glues such as SCIGRIP Weld-On #16 Acrylic. I’m no expert on Acrylic mounting so I recommend seeing what YouTube and Google have to advise. Clean with a microfiber cloth


Cork Coasters should be cleaned with a damp cloth. Never leave them soaking in a puddle as they may curl.


I have a page on mounting your Vinyl Wall Decals


Help! Get me Unstuck!

So you’re looking to hang loose and remove or reposition something. If possible gently remove what you and check the condition of what’s left.

The best method to unstick almost any glue or adhesive is apply heat. I use a Heat gun and quickly heat the item then try to remove. In the case of something like a sticker you can do this in several sections. You don’t want to apply heat in one spot for an extended length of time. Watch YouTube to learn more and be safe.

GUNK! Yuck.

Need to remove the leftover Gunk? there is a very useful specialist product called “goo and stain remover” that dissolves the goo & helps remove the nasty leftovers.