Decal “Coffee and rainy days #happiness” Coffee Quotes Vinyl Wall Sticker (Copy)



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Decal “Coffee and rainy days #happiness” Coffee Quotes Vinyl Wall Sticker (Copy)


Sizes approx.
Medium 16cm x 30cm
Large 26cm x 54cm


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All Decals can be applied to any clean smooth and flat surface. 

Each decal is made of premium high quality German-made self-adhesive vinyl, which is easily applied and will look excellent for 3 years indoors. Our decals can be removed safely. There’s only one solid color and the decal is transparent to the surface it’s placed on.
Application areas: Kids lunch boxes, School Supplies, Walls Windows Tiles Floors Ceiling Doors Furniture Electrical items such as refrigerator washing machine, store front etc… almost any flat surface!
  • Note if you are using internally, many walls are painted with finishes that have a Teflon Coat. All vinyl’s will struggle to stick to some acrylic painted walls that are either freshly painted or if the paint has Teflon in it. Please test the wall for suitability prior to install.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The default color is BLACK.

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Medium 16cm x 30cm, Large 26cm x 54cm 


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