Hello I’m Robbie from OneArmedGraphics. I’m a 48 yr old upper arm Amputee, disability mentor, Graphic Artist and Photographer, and Small Business Owner.

I also blog here about my 30+ year journey with chronic pain and disability.

1990 Ouch.

I lost my dominant arm in a motorbike accident when I was only 17 years old. It definitely was one of those ‘Shit Happens‘ days.

I’m now a very happily married man and Father 2 awesome little boys.


My site OneArmedGraphics serves a dual purpose. I blog here about my experiences living with chronic pain & disability and mental health issues, my tips on how to things one-handed. The second purpose is regarding my business (graphic design, laser-cutting and engraving & decals & stickers), which is making and selling a huge range of things with my laser-cutting machine.

These are some of the images I’ve created or photographs taken over the years.


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Life is hard, sometimes very hard. The suffering we endure can be immense and the challenges living life missing a limb can also be great. It has been my pleasure over the years to have answered questions by fellow arm amputees, first-time parents or sufferers of chronic pain. (Or their spouses)

I have been very close to the edge at times when all of these factors collided in a firestorm of suffering and negativity.

It is my great hope that by showing others what I have been through, can help them endure their own tough times. I am only too pleased to share the many tools, techniques and tips I’ve found or created in the Quarter-Century I’ve been at it.