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How to Display Your Treasured Medals

Some medals are awarded for great accomplishments, while others are given for simply showing up. Either way, if you’ve been lucky enough to receive a medal, it should be displayed with pride. Here are a few tips on how to show off your treasured medals.

First, select a location for your medal display. A good spot is near where you keep your other trophies and awards. You could also hang your medals in a place of honor, such as in your office or living room.

Next, decide how you want to display your medals. You could use a Medal Hanger, which is a frame that holds your medals in place with magnets. Or, you could simply use some tape or pushpins to hang your medals on the wall. Whichever way you choose to display your medals, make sure they are prominently displayed and easily seen. After all, these medals are a testament to your hard work.

Example Medal Holders – Soccer and Field Hockey Goalie

Medal Holder Installation

Free hanging hardware is included with your Medal Holder order. This includes two Spacer blocks designed to help mount and offset the Holder from the Wall, which allows the Medals or Ribbons to hang attractively without touching the wall. You can use 3M strips to directly attach to the wall

Also included are 2 keyhole blocks which allow you to hang the holder using screws or nails.

You will need to glue these to the reverse of the Holder. PVA wood glue is perfect for this. 

Please see this page for more details Mounting instructions.

Medal Holder types

OneArmedGraphics has a large range of custom Medal Holders, from personalised Names to Olympics Sports, plus a free custom design service!


Some of the many sports include Soccer, Basketball, Netball, Rugby, AFL, Hockey, Cricket, Gymnastics, Golf