OneArmedGraphics - Services Available

OneArmedGraphics is based in Redbank Plains Queensland, servicing both Locals and Australia-wide in these areas:

Laser-cutting and Engraving

 Custom Signs, Home Decor, Wall Art & Monograms. Hoop Signs, Celebration & Event Signage. 
Religious Decor and Wall Art, 3D Wooden Models, Cake Toppers, Plaques & Key rings

Vinyl Decals 

Premium quality removable Vinyl Wall Decals 

I Paint stuff too!


OneArmedGraphics – FAQ Frequently Asked Questions 



What don’t you do?

OneArmedGraphics – FAQ Frequently Asked Questions 

What else can you make? 

The laser cutter is bloody awesome at cutting shapes out of materials like wood & acrylic. The laser simply traces the outlines of the thing you wanted cut out, leaving behind the unwanted material.

What do you specialise in?

For me the most satisfaction comes from making something personalised as the customer experience can be much more awesome.

What don't you do?

  • Anything like a licenced copyright character can’t be sold without permission, so if you wanted the cast of Frozen cut out I can’t do this for you.

    Other examples would be some Company Logo’s & branding. Harley Davidson for example.
  • Some materials are very unsafe to cut, especially certain plastics.

I also won’t use someone elses design as they’ve put their hardwork into designing it. Some things can take many days of designing and testing before they’re ready for use.Of course some things can instead be redesigned in a similar way or theme, so contact me to confirm if your idea can be made.