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1968 Ford Mustang GT 3D Wooden Model


1 Wooden Model 1968 Ford Mustang GT
A laser-cut 3D Wooden Model and Puzzle

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A fantastic gift for Ford lovers, Muscle Car fans and Petrol-heads or young-at-heart! 100% Australian made from fully renewable resources. Wood! Not plastic that is harmful to the environment.
Sent with Tracking via Australia Post.

Item Specifics (Approx)
Length 28 cm
Width 16 cm
Height 7 cm
Weight 600g

A comment regarding difficulty: This was a challenging build at times, but do remember I only have one-arm. I made a mistake when assembling the model and by the time I noticed I’d superglued pieces together and it was too late to fix. You can notice in the photo’s things don’t line up perfectly.

This model comes flat-pack with Assembly Guide printout. A stunning Puzzle that looks great and adds unique decoration to your home or the office desk.
An eco-friendly gift that is perfect for creative types looking to exercise their brain.

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Due to this being a natural resource there may be slight differences in measurements or colour


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