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Georgia Font MDF Wooden Letters Custom Cut Letters Names Words Price per Letter


Price is per Letter. 

Georgia font (Uppercase)

Custom cut MDF Wooden letters 3mm thick. Made to order.

Size refers to Letter Height, based on the Capital letter A in the selected font.

Letters are made raw unpainted and no mounting hardware or adhesive is supplied.

How to order

Select the required letters and size and add to the Cart then complete purchase.

Good to know:

MDF Wooden letters are a great choice for making decorative letters for the home. Available in a range of sizes to suit anything from a toy box, right up to Monogram sized wall letters.

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is an engineered wood product designed for general purpose interior use only and is not suitable for exterior use or areas of high humidity or wetting.

MDF is very easy to paint and offers a very smooth surface for an excellent looking finish. MDF can be cut sanded, drilled or machined without splintering or chipping.

Available in a range of sizes and Fonts, and custom fonts are able to be requested also. These MDF Wooden letters are made fresh to order and sent raw unpainted.

No mounting hardware or adhesive is supplied. Smaller sizes are light enough to be hung with Blue Tack and all sizes can be hung with 3M mounting hardware. Always ensure you are applying to a clean surface, and safety-first means you shouldn’t install above a cot or crib just in case they fall.

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5cm, 10cm, 15cm, 20cm


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